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A Night of Firsts

I have a friend who mentors a 2nd grader named David.

His mentor loves him. And he loves his mentor. Last week his mentor Drake and his wife Morgan had him over for a fun game night. It was a night of firsts: David's first time to have Chick-fil-A, drink a shake, and play Monopoly. Talk about memories and sugar highs.

I hope one day you'll get to meet David. He has this crazy smile. It's one of those smiles that can fill a room. He has these quick-witted comebacks you'll never see coming. He told me he likes to punch the air in the bathroom when he gets angry. He has a mom who has raised him to be passionate, kind, and to never give up. He has more potential than I could ever dream. And that's why David has a mentor. A mentor who will be there to help him fulfill his potential. To see everything Jesus has made him for and to call him up into it. A mentor who will show up to love him with the love of Jesus, and live an example of manhood worth following. A mentor for the night of firsts. That’s what mentoring is all about. Here’s to more “night of firsts” with people you love.


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