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We Help You Make the Mentoring Ministry Happen

Discover the hidden heroes behind mentoring ministries. Learn how leaders go from mentoring to managing and why their role is crucial. You Can Mentor is here to keep you encouraged and remind you that your work matters.

As a leader of a mentoring organization, have you ever looked up and asked yourself “How did I end up doing this?”

I started mentoring to build relationships, help kids, and spread the Gospel. Now I find myself fundraising, running meetings, and recruiting board members.

How did I end up doing this?

It happens more often than you think.

I’ve heard the same story over and over again. Someone wants to help kids. They start to mentor. They meet a kid and build a relationship. The relationship flourishes. The mentor meets other kids, sees the need, and decides to dive in deeper. They get a full-time job in ministry.

Then, instead of actually doing ministry, they are the ones doing the things behind the scenes to make the ministry happen.

We get it. You get older. Things change.

Let me encourage you today.

There is a saying we like: “Mentors hold the spotlight.” And that’s you. You’re holding the spotlight.

You shine the light on others so they can get the credit. You’re working in the background. You are setting the table. Ministry does not happen without you.

You’re recruiting the workers that are going to till the soil. You’re providing sowers with the seeds and the watering schedule. You do the unseen things to help the fruit grow.

But the doubts and the lies swirl around in your head. “Is this even what I’m supposed to be doing? I’m not doing any real ministry.”

The fire may even begin to dim, as you don’t get that great feeling that comes when you are doing actual life-on-life ministry.

Don’t believe the lie that you’re not valuable. Don’t think for a second that all of this can happen without you. The enemy knows that if he can take you out, then he’ll take the workers out with you.

We’re here to keep you filled up so you can pour out. Our job at You Can Mentor is to keep you encouraged so you can encourage others.

We here at You Can Mentor are for you. Our goal is to keep you filled up so you can pour out. Our job at You Can Mentor is to keep you encouraged so you can encourage others.

We’re here to remind you that what you are doing matters. That the work you are doing as a leader is just as important as the work you did when you first started out. Your impact may be a little harder to see and you may not even get a lot of the credit, but that’s ok.

You’re the one holding the spotlight. You make the ministry happen.


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