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Tuesday, March 19th Mentoring Gathering Call


  • To discuss what topics we will focus on during our May 8-10th gathering. 


  • Welcome: Zach Garza: You Can Mentor

  • Prayer: 

  • Vision: to create a restful environment where leaders of mentoring organizations can get filled up by:

    • Connecting with other leaders to share experiences and wisdom.

    • Getting equipped with best practices through informal relationships and breakout sessions

    • Receiving rest and rejuvenation through encouraging conversations and worship

  • Re-Introduce participants

  • Update on Conference Details

    • Wednesday: Welcome Session // Dinner

    • Thursday: Breakfast // Session // Lunch // Session // Dinner

    • Friday: Breakfast // Session // Conclusion

  • Discussion

    • What topics would you like to discuss to help you become a better mentor or mentoring executive?

    • What are the best questions that we can ask each other to extract the most helpful information to help us grow during our time together?

    • Besides breakout sessions with Q&A time, are there any other types of sessions that could be beneficial for us during our time together?

    • How much worship and/or spiritual time would be beneficial to you?

  • Questions?

  • Closing Prayer:


  • I would encourage you to fly into Love Field if possible. It is significantly easier to manage than DFW and 12 miles from our venue.

  • The event will be held at North Dallas Campus of Lakepointe Church. 

  • I got a block of hotel rooms at the Hyatt House Lincoln Park.  It is a nice hotel in a fantastic location. Rooms are $122 for single occupancy and $108 for double occupancy. Click here to see prices and to purchase

  • We will start Wednesday (5/8) at 3pm and end Friday (5/10) by 12pm.

  • Price will be $250 per person. All meals are included. Please let me know if this is an issue for you, and we can figure something out. I don't want the price to keep you from this gathering. You can pay here. Please add "mentoring gathering" in the "Donate in the name of" box.  


  • 25-30 people attend

  • Leave feeling encouraged and connected

  • Foundation has been laid to plan next year's gathering

Possible Question for Next Time:

  • ?

Sponsorship Opportunities:


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