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2024 Christian Mentoring Gathering


Wednesday: Connection

3:00pm: Welcome, Intro, and Ice Breaker

4:00pm: How to be a Both/And Leader: Zach Garza

6:00pm: Dinner @ Mesero - Preston Hollow VIllage

  • Question: Why are you passionate about Mentoring? with John Barnard

Thursday: Equipping

8:30am: Breakfast

9:15am: Worship + Devo: De’Onte Garrett

10:00am: Storytelling + Big Vision: Jeff Giddens

11:00am: Recruiting is Culture: Micah Hoevelmen

12:00pm: Lunch + Break

1:00pm: Engaging the Family: Sacher Dawson + Stephen Murray


2:00pm: Making Meaningful Connections with Churches: What Works and Why?: Karen Pearson + Brandon Waite


3:00pm: Optional Tour @ Forerunner Mentoring // Rest or Go

6:00pm: Dinner @ Ten50 BBQ in Richardson

  • Question: What are some of your mentoring best practices? with John Barnard

Friday: Inspiring

8:30am: Breakfast

9:15am: Worship + Devo: Derrick Sier

10:00am: Mining for Gold: Suzanne Wallace


11:00am: Ending Time of Encouragement

  • Question: How are you leaving inspired? with Zach Garza


12:00pm: Depart


Equipping and encouraging Christian mentors and mentoring organizations to love God, love others, and make disciples in their own community.



To create a restful environment where leaders of mentoring organizations can:
  • Connect with other leaders to share experiences and wisdom.
  • Get equipped with best practices through informal relationships and breakout sessions
  • Be inspired by like-minded, Christian mentoring leaders


We Value Others. - “Everybody is my teacher.”
Everyone has something to offer. Learn from others. Let them learn from you.
Be curious about others and how you can learn from them.
We Walk in Humility. - “More of Him. Less of us.”
Check the ego at the door.
We Strive for Unity. - “We are all on the same team.”
We are all on the same team building the same Kingdom. No comparison.
We are Generous. - “Freely we have received, freely we give.”
Share stories, resources, ideas, and best practices. Listen to see how other’s experiences can make you better.

2024 Christian Mentoring Gathering

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