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The Power of a Mentor’s Attention

the power of a mentor's attention

Have you ever seen a child wipe out on the playground? Or blow up in defiance at school or in the home? And then literally one minute later, see their whole demeanor change because of an adult's care and attention?

One minute everything is on fire. The next they are laughing, playing, and engaging with an even deeper sense of joy. Wait, how?! What's the secret?

Now, believe me. Some meltdowns are longer than others. Trauma is tricky even for adults. But the light in the eyes of a child after transitioning from the deepest of pains to the deepest of joys is a beautiful thing to see. As children, we can't help but take in what the adults around us communicate through their words and actions. If we are calm, they are calmed. If we encourage, they are encouraged.

I love seeing my boy smile in my arms while he still has tears rolling down his face from a big cry. Does that make me crazy?

I believe God's heart is to extend daily invitations for us to experience this in our relationships.

Relationships are the bedrock of God's design for us as His children. He meets our emotional needs, soothes our pain, and trains us up in the way we should go, all through the caring people he surrounds us with that give us their attention.

There’s something that happens in the heart of a boy when a mentor watches him ride a bike, shoot a basketball, or make a catch. Getting a good grade in class is great, but being told, “I’m so proud of you.” Is something entirely different.

Mentors. We encourage you to give your mentee your undivided attention for a moment this week. I promise it will impact them more than you know.

Where you invest your attention matters. Make it count.


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